Pony Bales

Pony bales are a smaller version of a standard straw bale. They are 8" x 11" x 18". They can be used for decorations or projects that needs a small amount of straw. 


> Easy to Handle

 Pony bales are easier to move and store compared to standard bales due to their size. This makes them ideal for decorations and for projects that need less straw, such as bedding a small chicken coop.  

> All-natural

Unlike most decorative bales, mini bales are 100% wheat straw meaning when you are finished with them, they will biodegrade. 

> Decorative

Mini Bales are great for decorations! They can be used as outdoor decorations, or they are small enough to use indoors and on table tops. 

> High-Quality

High-quality bales start with high-quality wheat straw. Wheat straw is harvested when it is dry and has a rich, golden color.