Quick Straw

 Quick Straw is just what you need to conveniently and effectively manage your outdoor space! 


At Kastenson Farms, we chop straw just like a professional landscaper. We then seal the straw in an easy-to-handle bag, which makes it ideal to move from the store to your home. ​​ 

> Easy to Apply

 Easily spread Quick Straw over an area of up to 350 square feet!​​ 

> All-natural

Quick Straw provides a quality cover without added chemical compounds. It is an all-natural product that will biodegrade over time - meaning you never have to worry about removing any mess​​ plus it's safe for the environment.



> Effective

An area covered evenly with Quick Straw prevents weeds from sprouting through. An even covering of Quick Straw means your garden and/or flower beds are 99% weed-free. 

> Beneficial

Quick Straw is perfect for:
  • Establishing newly seeded lawns or lawn patch repairs
  • Mulching fall plants
  • Insulating roses and other sensitive plants over winter
  • Reducing weeding and water requirements in vegetable gardens
  • Bedding your furry friends' kennels and cages