Quick Straw

 At our farm, we chop straw like a professional landscaper. We then seal the straw into a consumer friendly bag, which makes it ideal for city or suburban residents who wish to avoid the bulk and mess associated with bales of straw. ​​ 
Quick Straw is an all-natural product for mulching gardens, lawns, and other plants. It covers up to 350 square feet!
It is perfect for:
  • Establishing newly seeded lawns or lawn patch repairs
  • Mulching fall plants
  • Insulating roses and other sensitive plants over winter
  • Reducing weeding and water requirements in vegetable gardens
Quick Straw can also be used to bed your furry friends' kennels and cages. 
40 bags per pallet
Can be picked up on the farm or delivered to your location. 
Please contact us for pricing and delivery information.